Christina Sineath

We also offer Residential. Commercial. Investments. Business Brokerage. Property Management and I would like those on there. I am a Realtor and a Broker. I have been real estate business owner, investor, and I am an publishes author as well. I would like where people could click on and buy my travel book to Charleston SC through amazon. Here is the link I do have a link in my you tube for a video but it has my old brokerage on it but I don’t think I say the brokerage. You tell me if it needs to be updated or I could use it? I also use NextMove Charleston as my own branding and I have the logo but I was wanting to change the red to bright orange to match the branding of NextHome. Can you do that for me? I also attached my biography for more insight to me and some certifications and logos to use for real estate.

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