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I Can Do It All, The Power of Versality

At the heart of Glorify & Unique is the need to minister to the African American community through quality products and faith. To build a community of people who believe in the love, power, and wealth of God. Our brand is a ministry wrapped in hair and skin care 4 the manifestation of God’s love through self-care.

Our vision at Victoria Walker’s Global Secrets is to become a leading force in the organic skincare industry, recognized for our unwavering commitment to faith, quality, and inclusivity. We aspire to grow nationally and extend our impact to Africa, creating a global community that celebrates diversity and natural beauty. By glorifying our Lord “Yahweh” through our products and actions, we envision a world where individuals struggling with skincare concerns find affordable and effective solutions that not only enhance their outward appearance but also uplift their spirits. Through continuous innovation and a dedication to customer well-being, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of our customers.


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