Helena Helmersson

CEO H&M Group

My vision is to be part of transforming the fashion industry and to create meaningful growth, and my passion for leadership has followed me for as long as I can remember. H&M Group allows me to be true to my vision, to get to know a network of extraordinary people and be part of a culture that aligns with my own values. I’m proud to work for a company that has a genuine ambition to be a positive force in our industry.

In 1997 I joined H&M as a Business Controller in the buying office, and later became a Section Manager working with assortment planning and purchasing. Moving to Bangladesh in 2006 was a game changer to me. I was working as H&M’s HR Manager at the Production Office in Dhaka and saw with my own eyes how we can have a positive impact through our operations in the country. After two years in Dhaka, me and my family continued to Hong Kong where we stayed for two and a half years. I was working as the Supply Chain Manager for lingerie in Far East Asia region.

In 2010 I got offered to work with sustainability in the head office in Stockholm.
I started as Head of Sustainability and was lucky to work with a very experienced team. We were able to launch several groundbreaking initiatives, and more importantly we continued the journey of integrating sustainability into the business.

After five years in the role I moved back to Hong Kong in 2015, and assumed the position as Head of Production, being responsible for the H&M Group´s sourcing and purchasing globally. This was an incredible experience for me, again working with a fantastic team in a challenging environment.
Three and a half years later, I was approached to become COO of the H&M Group. I was excited to develop my leadership skills and to improve my understanding of the overall operational part of our business.

In January 2020, I got the amazing opportunity to take on the position as the CEO of the H&M Group.
My vision to be part of transforming the fashion industry is clearer now than ever before. Together with my colleagues, we have set the direction and are on a transformation journey to create meaningful growth.

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