Jeffery D. Burton

Imagin  Believe Achieve

I thrive in challenging positions where I can further develop my leadership skills, empower those around me, and engage in problem solving to improve the experience of those around me. I feel best when I can use my experience to coach and guide my team. I believe moving with integrity, honesty, and kindness is the best way to create a successful life.

I have worked in hospitality in various positions for over 10 years. I love the industry because it puts you in front of people and gives you a chance to make their day a little better than it was before they met you. In 2020 I decided to dedicate my spare time to pursuing my Bachelor of Science – Psychology, and I’m proud to have graduated in December of 2022. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to apply what I have learned in real time and believe it has helped me grow as a leader in the industry.

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