Kalpana Shah
Sari Draping Artist
Author & Teacher

Kalpana Shah is a self-made Indian professional saree draper/stylist, author and an entrepreneur. She resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She has been professionally pursuing the art of saree draping since the year 1985. She conducts saree draping lessons as well as workshops for women of all age groups. She also drapes saree for formal functions, shoots and wedding events.

  • To promote the culture of Indian Saree, in the year 2012 she authored and published World’s First and only pictorial reference guide “The Whole 9 Yards” that showcases how to drape an Indian Sari in various styles.
  • To suit the Digital Generation, in the year 2014, Kalpana Shah, also conceptualized and developed a Mobile App, “Learn Sari” on Google Play store and Apple App store.
  • She has entered her name in the Limca Book of Records for a unique and an unheard feat. That is draping the Saree in 226 Unrepeated Styles in straight 24 Hours Non Stop Marathon. In this live performance she draped sarees of all material and fabric from Crepe to Chiffon to Georgette to Banarasi to Kota to South Silk. Sarees from mostly all the States of India were being draped from the State of Gujarat to Bengal, to Maharashtra to Assam to Kurgi to South of India. She dedicates her achievement to the cultural diversity of India as we are celebrating 75 years of our Independence.


–   In a career span of more than 40 years she has sari styled all ages of women, best of Bollywood beauties, fashion A-listers, industrialists and crème de la crème.

–  She can practically drape any length of saree, whether 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 yards

–   Her draping skills have been presented in many mainstream cinemas as well as photo shoots, events and celebrations.

–   She has been carrying out coaching classes and workshops on Saree draping since last 35 years now all across India.

–   She has also been teaching different styles of Saree through her YouTube Channel and also through Satellite Channels in the past.

–   She has researched and documented more than 300 different ways of draping a Saree.

–   She has also received extensive media coverage all through her professional career for her endeavors in this field and has been appreciated time and again for her contribution to the Cultural Attire of India.

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