Sharif Bawazir

Director of Operation

Mawasim is Seera Group’s B2B solution provider for Hajj & Umrah tourism.

Providing high-quality end-to-end travel arrangements and simplified sourcing for external agents in key international source markets, Mawasim’s mission is to enhance the overall experience for pilgrims with digital solutions and superior service.

Seera Group’s deeply-rooted direct relationships with providers and a network of company-owned subsidiaries across hospitality, transportation and tour operations, make Mawasim the top choice for religious travel to and from within Saudi Arabia.

Mawasim presents first class support with dedicated teams available on ground to assist pilgrim travellers on behalf of agents, with the highest standards of customer service, inspired by Arabian hospitality.

As a licensed Maqam service provider and with a dedicated B2B digital portal for our partners, Mawasim offers a seamless booking experience for agents from across the globe.

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