Victoria Walker


Formed on the pillars of transparency, faith, and affordability, Victorious1shop is more than just a clothing brand; It is a movement towards conscious living and inspiring others to live confidently knowing they are attaining high-quality products from a store they can trust. Founded in 2021 by Victoria Danielle Walker with a mission to make beautiful pieces accessible, Victorious1shop is a BIPOC/Women-owned brand that offers a wide collection of affordable designer jewelry, and authentic designer purse’s . Overall, Victorious1shop was initiated by a vision and built with passion. Even more, has evolved with the commitment to providing high-quality adornments that not only make you look good without breaking the bank, but also provide you the assurance of knowing that every purchase you make is a meaningful one.


Victorious1shop is a socially conscious e-commerce that puts its customers’ needs at the center of everything they do. Located in Norfolk, VA, the brand’s core values prioritize customers’ needs and satisfaction, ensuring that their experience and well-being are at the forefront of every decision made. Alongside centering hospitality, Victorious1shop consistently embraces innovation and seeks new ideas, technologies, and approaches to enhance its products, processes, and, of course, customer experiences. This includes offering exceptional deals of up to 50% on Designer Jewelry pieces on weekends upon subscribing and leveraging the Route app to provide shipping insurance at an affordable rate and carbon offset to optimize sustainability.

At Victorious1shop, every piece and detail tells a story. With its creative and detailed dexterity, Victorious1shop is dedicated to providing all walks of life with beautiful, sustainable embellishments that uplift their spirit, boost confidence, and pave the way for a more fashion-inclusive future that generations can benefit from. That said, Victorious1shop’s value propositions are anchored in traceability and authentic style to show the world that high fashion is not just gatekept for the elite. The reason? To offer the opportunity to express yourself without budgetary impact. Moreso, to provide others the freedom to make exclusive fashion choices that support ethical production, environmental conservation, and human dignity – ultimately becoming the very change they want to see and what the world needs.

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